Leadership is not for cowards

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Kerstin Karuschkat

This is going to be a tense fall and a tough winter. Markets demand maximum flexibility, we're sliding into a recession, job openings really aren't being filled no matter what we try. Our employees want freedom, professional leadership, more appreciative feedback and need back-up when the next Covid wave changes the private world again.

Best conditions for a "golden autumn of new leadership"!

Just be courageous. The longer I lead the less I know!

Not a saying, this is my basic feeling. What is getting better is my ability to feel what the team needs right now and what 3k can offer as a maximum framework.

More joy with each other.

My hard times as an entrepreneur have taught me to be grateful in the "here and now". I try to focus daily on what's going on, to see the beautiful moments.

We don't do "open heart surgery".

My daughter is going to be a doctor. A tough profession with life and health always attached to it. At 3k and with all our clients it's about transformation, the soul, the business, good togetherness, making money - that puts the pressure in perspective. That's how I want to get through this winter too. It will work out; we always find a solution. Maybe also a solution for you.

It's all about people.

We, who have the responsibility to lead companies, need strength, patience, and care for the people we work with. No matter if customer, employee, service provider or negotiating partner- tense situations produce more stress. Adding more pressure doesn't help at all.

I advocate generosity and simply asking the following question in a difficult situation: what is your need?

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