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More than ever, companies are facing complex challenges. To remain successful, business models must be continuously adapted, strategies sharpened and changes driven forward. Sometimes it is even necessary to completely realign companies - whether as a result of digitization or the corona pandemic. It is crucial to involve employees in these change processes. After all, they are the ones who ensure sustainable success.

Here is where we come in.

This is where we come in. We support your company in change - with a people transformation strategy tailored to the situation and the people involved. 

Our product portfolio includes both innovative and proven tools. Different formats are applied in the respective phases of the transformation process. They all promote the self-organisation of your teams and create a culture of trust that serves as a foundation for the challenges ahead. This is how we mobilise your employees together with you. 

We focus on three different spheres of activity: The organisation as a whole, individual teams and the employees as individuals. We decide together with our clients at which level to start, depending on the objective of the transformation. 

We offer you different products that we tailor to your individual needs

Our Services

We make dynamics, talents and synergies transparent.

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Dialogue and information events - align your organisation successfully

Communicate with your employees and create transparency about your organisation's transformation strategy. Open up the dialogue in workshops and town halls - and thus create trust. You gather initial impulses from the employees, experience and give feedback, confront emotions. By proactively addressing concerns and fears, you can avoid counterproductive gossip. As a result, you create a spirit of optimism and win over your employees as change agents who actively shape and drive change.
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Success lab - lead your strategically crucial projects to success

Has a groundbreaking project, a lighthouse project for your organisation, been dragging on for a while? Then it's time for the 3k Success Lab. Together with you and your team, we will guide you to your goal. Through clear rules and realistic benchmarks, your employees will experience a new dimension of teamwork in agilely organised projects. We strengthen their cooperation and goal orientation. And this shared sense of success is the starting signal for a new way of working together. With the 3k Success Lab, you promote cross-divisional cooperation and strengthen team spirit. Trust us.
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Leadership workshop - further develop your understanding of leadership.

Your Leadership team is constantly making decisions and providing guidance to staff. However, there is probably still some room for improvement. Building on your understanding of leadership, we reflect on behavioural patterns and personal strengths of decision-makers in the leadership workshop. In this way, we empower your leaders in various modules, further develop their culture and make it liveable in everyday work. We strengthen trust and networking within your leadership team - as leverage for your entire organisation. Because only in this way can the transformation succeed in terms of sustainable cultural.
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Team building - increase your performance as a team

Hand on heart: Is feedback given openly and honestly in your team? Through mutual trust and a productive culture of mistakes, you can significantly increase the performance of your team. In our team-building sessions, we remove blockages by giving room to emotions. We strengthen the sense of community, sharpen the perception for each other and provide you with team-building measures. And we bring outsiders on board. In this way, we increase the togetherness and motivation of your teams right from the start of the change process. We create new dynamics, identify synergies and give room to talents. So that you can achieve your goals.
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Coaching - optimise your leadership behaviour

How do you create a working environment that motivates people to perform at their best? Often, day-to-day business dictates the work processes in the team. Valuable impulses and skills get lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. To remedy this: Take the initiative, expand your scope of action. We show you how to systematically generate success. The 3k coaches have sound training and a broad range of experience. We strengthen your leadership role with customised coaching formats. And you increase the performance of your employees.
The focus is not only on immediate performance, but above all on the further development of the coachees. We give you room for self-reflection, help you to develop a realistic self-image and enable you to recognise stumbling blocks. In this way, you strengthen your strengths in a continuous learning process.
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Digital Leadership Concept

How do you lead your team at the computer? What formats, such as jour fixes, interactive dialogues to town hall meetings, do you need in what chronological order to motivate your employees and keep them engaged? As a modern manager, you can inspire your employees virtually with a digital toolbox in combination with a digital leadership strategy tailored to your team. Zoom, Microsoft Teams and similar tools are the technical aids - the use of which and the possibility for sustainable management leadership you should know. This is not witchcraft: In ten hours of coaching, we work with you to develop your coherent digital leadership concept.