Success requires experience

We offer you more than 20 years of deep, multi-sectoral experience and a unique mix of experts from the fields of communication, economics, industry, trade and psychology.

Success needs change

We give structure to behavioral change within your company, making it more predictable and reliable, to help you to successfully manage People Transformation.

Success requires behavior

We know that change requires a change of behavior on an organizational, team and individual level and we will develop the right, tailor-made, strategy for you.

Success requires trust

We think holistically and work very personally. We will win over your employees to support and drive forward the planned changes.

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Are you ready for a behavioral strategy?

The situation is serious. The business strategy to transform your company is up and running, but you are stuck in chaos and resistance from your employees?   Corporate change only works if you change your behavior simultaneously. 3k provides a People Transformation Strategy to accompany your change process, which will positively impact the behavior of your employees, step by step.

You need real leaders at the top?

We are right there with you! In turbulent times, leaders need stability, direction and priorities as well as a strategy for sustainable behavioral change in addition to the business strategy.   3k accompanies you and your management team with customized change formats and as a sparring partner at eye level: we support you in the development of top executives with a distinct role and positioning.

Your teams are lacking motivation?

Cross your heart. Do your employees talk openly and honestly with each other? Are they allowed to express criticism? Is there regular feedback? Teambuilding measures? Without capable teams it is not possible.   Motivation and performance can be increased, and employees encouraged to go along with a transformation process. That is why your teams play a crucial role at 3k. Those who have actively helped to create team-oriented solutions will work better together as a team.

People transformation yes, but how?

You know that change is necessary, and success requires behavior. You are ready for a behavioral strategy, but you are not able to implement it successfully yourself?   3k has been mobilizing experts as mentors, coaches and consultants for over 20 years. With us, your people transformation will become plannable and controllable. With our products and formats, we guarantee you a lasting realization.


Kerstin Karuschkat

Transformation Manager & CEO

Franca Born

Transformation Manager & CEO

Evelyn Stehling

Business Development Manager

Nadine Kühlkamp

Transformation Manager

Sonja Stratmann

Transformation Manager

Marie-Luise Schuster

Transformation Manager

Susanne Kabia

Transformation Manager

Moritz Erpenbeck

Transformation Manager

Franziska Lonnes

Transformation Manager

Hanna Rietschel

Working Student


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This is what our customers say

“Jägermeister as a global brand is growing successfully worldwide. The challenge we are currently meeting is to transform a mature German company into an agile, innovative organization that can sustainably withstand worldwide growth. With the professional support of 3k, we succeed in transforming the organization and people into a new dimension.“

Torsten Römsch, Managing Director, Mast-Jägermeister Deutschland GmbH

“Providing innovative human resources work, adopting a more service – and customer-focused approach and at the same time professionally implementing current and future operational requirements for the human resources department – this represents a great and necessary challenge.
With the help of 3k, we have together successfully implemented this transformation process. With a lot of know-how, a structured approach, methodical competence and a good feeling for the needs of those involved, 3k has accompanied us excellently and successfully. We have developed on 2 levels: As a human resources department in our strategic orientation and as managers and employees in our behavior.”

Dirk Schulte, Director of Personnel and Social Affairs, Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe

“With our transformation process, we have successfully managed the merger of DZ Bank and WGZ Bank to form DZ BANK Die Initiativbank. 3k played a key role in supporting us in the target- and results-oriented management of stakeholders, managers and employees. By actively involving employees in shaping change, as well as using formats and communication that create transparency, create purpose and provide support in uncertain times, we were able to achieve a great result faster and in a more effective manner.“

Gregor Roth, Managing Director, DZ Bank AG

“To put a company like ThyssenKrupp on a new course and to realign HR globally, you need strategic partners. We have found very experienced change managers in 3k. With well thought-out concepts, professional modules and passionate events, they have put us in the perfect position to achieve our goals. We trust 3k and look forward to future projects.”

Oliver Burkhard, Director of Human Resources, ThyssenKrupp AG

“3k has convinced us in the management team decisively with a People Transformation Strategy, how to develop Zwiesel Kristallglas from a classic management understanding into a modern, agile organization. Both in coaching sessions and in striking team building, we work with 3k on our cooperation in the management team to be prepared for the implementation of this strategy. It is impressive to see how behavioral change affects the way we work.“

Prof. Dr. Andreas Buske, Owner & CEO, Zwiesel Kristallglas AG

“In the Vivantes Network for Health, with the help of 3k, I have been able to successfully position the executive area of human resources management as a business partner and to motivate all involved employees for a new understanding of their role with regards to leadership and cooperation. In addition to their expertise, the 3k team has repeatedly succeeded in convincing even the most skeptical people of the need for change and winning them on board through coaching and an empathetic approach.”

“Far-reaching structural changes in our production from a line structure to a matrix organization confront us with completely new management challenges. In 3k’s various workshops in team building and dialogue events, we quickly realized that we can only successfully master this transformation with a new understanding of leadership. With 3k’s expertise, our cooperation in Operations has become so much more open and constructive after just one year – a significant success for our management team.“

“In times of change we have a professional and passionate partner at our side who accompanies us as a management team in the growth and change process. Through the impulses of 3k we increase our team performance & the success of the company. This motivates us as a management team and also makes it incredibly fun to face challenges with courage.“

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