Susanne Kabia

Transformation Manager

Susanne Kabia is a transformation manager and coach at 3k. With know-how and empathy Susanne Kabia accompanies behavioral change processes of executives, teams and organizations. A systemic understanding of the corporate strategy & culture and the conscious design of an appropriate behavioral strategy is particularly close to her heart. In coaching Susanne Kabia sharpens the design of your career as well as your positioning as a leader. Energetic and goal-oriented, she supports you in harnessing your personal strengths and work preferences and enhancing your performance.

Prior to joining 3k, Susanne Kabia supported a transformation project in the HR department of a telecommunications company and gained experience in a leading position in talent management. In addition to her work in management consultancies, she gained several years of experience as a coordinator and intercultural trainer in a cultural exchange organization.

Susanne studied business psychology with a focus on leadership development and coaching and has several years of international experience. In addition, she holds diagnostic licenses for the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) as well as the Insights MDI.

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What the Team thinks about Susanne:

fun-loving / focused / enthusiastic