The 3k guideline and our claim

  • Behaviour is fundamentally alterable, as a result of one’s own motivation and as part of a controlled process.
  • To have a successful career requires continually developing one’s behaviour.
  • Managers have to lead their employees and guide their behaviour. This is only possible if they work on the development of their own personality and leadership style.

We are convinced that staid behavioural patterns can be identified and changes in behaviour triggered. As such, 3k gives management the time and space required to reflect on their behaviour and to think about their targets.

We help you become a better manager. A decision-maker who is there both mentally and emotionally for his or her employees will be able to motivate them to higher performance. A manager who goes about their business analytically and emotionally will be able to successfully steer the fortunes of their area or company and align them strategically and skilfully.

Our quality claim is high and the basis of our company’s success.

Our methodology

3k coaching is an interactive learning process for developing personalities wherein reflective discussions are held and diagnostic procedures applied.

3k team building sessions are based on the following principle: expanding skills and successfully shaping the common scope of action by transferring knowledge and interactive exercises.

For the area of change management in particular, 3k has developed intelligent concepts and professional modules with which targeted organisational developments can be guided using suitable communication and learning formats.

The 3k Team applies itself with experience, dedication and fun for you:

Your coach works closely together with you in order to optimally design your demands and your needs. The content is individually coordinated and depending on the needs is offered in the form of a one-on-one conversation, a team workshop, a cross-departmental programme or as focussed practical workshops.

The methodology of our workshop modules and coaching talks is developed and evaluated by the far-reaching expertise in the development of behaviour and the practical experience of working with several hundred participants each year. Several product managers work on the precise shaping of your measures and the quality assurance of 3k’s own products.

Professionalism and a positive approach distinguish all of 3k’s employees, which means that you can enjoy working together with us from the initial discussion to final billing.