Are you satisfying your employees needs?

We are in the middle of a behavioral revolution. People ( no matter what age group) are tending not to remain settled for a long period and to stick through with a job (or firm).

The conventional ‘deal’: career + challenges = wealth & satisfaction is not convincing talents & leaders to stay in companies. Money, career, titles, cars, the next challenging project, global roles, often seem to be shallow and not motivating enough. Today everything seems to be about purpose, good relationships, emotional rewarding systems & empowerment. It’s a behavioral revolution on needs! It‘s a very stormy, demanding revolution that is happening in the background. The truth is: it will not go away & people will not change back to the old patterns. Most companies that 3k works with are acknowledging the trend. But nearly no company has a strategic answer about how to fulfill the new needs of this behavior movement. Are you in the middle of this too?