One for all – all for one:
getting started together

People need goals, structures and rules, particularly when they’re part of a team. That’s why we recommend the following: clarify responsibilities and aims. Create a mutual culture of meetings and define standards. Make yourself aware of the various needs and potentials.

There are many factors which determine good teamwork. Successful teams have a defined foundation and a trusting base. No new team should just get going straight away – use the opportunity of a beginning to lay valuable foundations.

We precisely adapt the contents of our team workshops to your specific team situation, issue team-specific documentation and to finish we give you a summary of the key results. Evaluation takes place in the form of participant feedback.

In addition, communication, conflict resolution and feedback skills are optimised in the 3k team building process, as these form the basis of good cooperation.

Our offer for you and your team:

An accompanying coaching session for you as manager and a two-day workshop with your team, after which follow discussions on implementing what was learned at the workplace.

Possible topics for this team situation:

New as boss

Creating a good foundation for successful teamwork

You’re the “newcomer” and as a new manager it’s up to you to win over the team for yourself. It’s vital for your success that you grow together with your team and develop a mutual self-image.
Part of this is that you and your team get to grips with your leadership style. Work out which direction you want to take and how you want to work with your team. Create leadership and work structures and agree on the rules of the game with your team.

That’s a lot and it would be tough to implement “on the side”. For that reason a team building session is the right way to get to grips with your team in a focused and intensive way, to introduce and sustainably implement your vision for the team, thereby significantly professionalising future cooperation with your team.

Our 3k CoachingCompact session “The first 100 days as boss” will also provide you with specific strengthening for this situation.

We'll get to know each other

Generating synergy and boosting cooperation

Those who participate in our workshops always tell us that they profited from our events in the long-term because they now feel like part of the team, an important cog in the wheel and part of the harmonious overall picture.

How do we do it? We see to it that everyone really gets to know and to value each other, taking into account all of their strengths and weaknesses as people, role patterns as well as group-dynamic processes.

If you want to build a team, to cement it and to strengthen its cooperation then our team workshop with indexing methodology is the right thing for you.
In this, an analysis of the current position is carried out, the team vision is defined, appraisals of MBTI types in the team are performed, individual feedback is given, communication within the team is improved, conflict types are analysed and personal contributions to team success are established.

Team building sessions are particularly effective when you connect the lessons learned to behavioural success parameters with a strategic roadmap and definite goals. In that way the team can get started straight away with defined courses of action and tasks.

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