Common management standards
for professional managers

Management workshops turn experts into professional managers with common management standards. In the 3k management workshops, we help managers in middle and upper management develop a common behaviour when managing and communicating on a company-wide basis. This kind of behaviour is indispensable when it comes to the development, implementation and rooting of a company-wide management concept. The focal points of the program: self, team and organisational management.

The advantages: the establishment of uniform management standards helps, among other things, in crisis situations when to the employees the management represents a high focus of orientation. Here, identifiable management standards sustainably improve the managers’ responsibilities and decision-making parameters. Additionally, we equip the managers with the best possible arsenal they will need in order to lead, but which they often have not learned explicitly.

But it’s not just the “classics of management work” which can be tackled in the workshops. Linkage to change processes or specific challenges are also possibilities – we’ll be happy to cater to your specific management situation.

The targets: optimisation of role understanding and communication behaviour in order to define a personal management profile together with a development plan. Strengthening communication behaviour and developing feedback skills. Training mobilisation skills in order to be able to send signals together.

The sequence of events is made up of the following questions: For what am I responsible as a manager? How can I motivate people? How do I make the right decisions? How do I make a professional impression?

Our offer for your management workshop

The 3k management workshops are devised individually for you and tailored to your situation. All content is specifically related to your working world. You define the framework, the participants and the extensiveness of your learning workshops. It often makes sense to give the offer a focal point which is reflected in your company’s strategic direction, e.g. “Better understanding economic relationships”.

In compact units, the participants further develop their skills and generate additional benefit through company networking and cross-departmental exchange. The motivation for transferring knowledge and positive cooperation is also given a jab in the arm, which colleagues who aren’t even taking part will notice. We add peer group coaching sessions and feedback units in-between these building blocks.

With targeted preparation we accompany you as the client specifically so that the direction and content also matches your management style and corporate philosophy. We communicate the methodology to you in separate coaching units which serve to both mobilise the defined implementation in the team and broaden your personal scope of action.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. Evelyn Stehling is your contact person to make an appointment with one of our Coaches to discuss your objectives:

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