Developing existing skills,
improving motivation

What makes a really good team? It has high levels of motivation and a positive attitude, it has a shared vision, sees itself as a unit, can relate to its developmental potential, has team structures arranged and roles, conflict patterns and team strengths clarified…

You think your team is capable of more? You’re probably right: good teamwork requires working well on the team.
The 3k team-building approach is sustainable and success-oriented: we increase your team’s success based on existing skills. Here, everyone is positioned and bolstered as a successfully operating team member.

Our offer for successful teamwork:

An accompanying coaching session for you as a manager and a two-day workshop with your team, after which follow discussions on implementing what was learned at the workplace.

Select the focus for your team:

Dealing with conflict

Resolving and dealing with conflicts as a team

Managing conflicts means identifying them early on and taking action in a targeted and solution-oriented way. In your capacity as manager, you are needed here on a daily basis. Here, conflicts can be triggered by individuals, but also by circumstances like change. Within a team, conflicts often generate their own specific kind of dynamic, which needs to be identified swiftly. Together with us, you will develop your conflict management skills during the course of an intensive learning and team-building process as well as improve your handling of conflicts in your team on a sustained basis.

With 3k, when resolving and dealing with conflicts as a team, fun is also a major factor. Our workshops are oriented on feedback and results. Participants spend 80% of their time performing interactive exercises. Alongside overcoming conflicts, logjams and emotional insecurities, these exercises also help when clarifying types and roles. In the process, trust among the team members improves.

In the 3k workshops, potential conflicts are pointed out and justification types in the team identified. Additionally, which conflicts exist in both the organisation and the team is clarified during group work.

Improving performance

New priorities and strategies for high-performance teams

How can you improve the performance of your team? You are surely already familiar with the basic principles of a successful team, but providing instruction on how to implement these principles is a typical case for 3k. Using suitable measures, we’ll accompany you on your way to becoming a high-performance team. The milestones on our roadmap are vision, mission, targets, roles, structures, processes, rules, feedback, conflict management, trust and responsibility.

To improve performance, our team-building sessions focus on self-perception and cooperation.

Keyword = Self-perception: using targeted feedback units, the participants become very aware of their behaviour. This allows them to perform realistic self-positioning. Furthermore, skills and resources are figured out. This clarifies the task in and for the team, promotes mutual appreciation, improves motivation and strengthens a sense of responsibility.

Keyword = Cooperation: the group sees itself as a unit. It identifies commonalities and possible synergetic effects by applying each individual member’s strengths and aptitudes. This increases the motivation to agree on performance increases and on changes to behaviour as well as to pursue common goals.

Marketing your success

Do good things and speak about them: success as a team

A good team sees and presents itself in the best-case scenario as a single unit – both inwardly and outwardly. And a good team will want to and should achieve the goals it sets itself. Once success has arrived, marketing it cannot be forgotten about, and this should be done as a team.

3k gives you and your team valuable help: we show you how agreed targets can be set and target agreements defined and how the achieved targets should be maintained and marketed.
Many good reasons: the marketing of team successes is always a successful way to conclude the project too. It is a necessary exchange of information with other teams, departments and customers as well as a confirmation and burst of motivation for the team.

Not marketing your success is a missed opportunity. The following also applies here: do it in an orderly fashion, systematically and finely tuned. You’ve made the right choice with our team building sessions.

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