„Team building as a recipe for success …”

Whether you want to put a new team together, freshly motivate your long-standing team, organise changes, improve processes or solve conflicts within a team – good team building is a clever solution to many challenges and can be a real recipe for success.

Good teams always go through rebuilding cycles which make it possible for them to gather momentum, to strategically align themselves and to scrutinise their procedures. As a manager you can actively support this process by coming up with the right format for every problem.

A team is more than the sum of its parts, but it starts with every single individual. That’s why team building has to allow space for overall team co-operation as well as for the individual needs of the members. 3k forges new paths here: we encourage the mutual perception and appreciation of the skills which allow existing potential to be exploited.

We guarantee success through a combination of team building workshops and individual coaching sessions. Behavioural reflection on the general conditions of the team members always precedes a good team process. The development of a distinctive understanding of leadership and the strategic alignment of success factors are also a necessary part of this.

That’s why we combine our team building sessions with a coaching session with you as managers. It’s your job to put the proper stimuli in place and to actively mobilise your employees. However the briefing with the team members or with individual key players will allow you to bring about a smoother and more customised process.

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Depending on your aims and leadership situation we can offer you various team-building products.