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Change management can only be successful if all participants are included in the process. 3k Coaching Teambuilding has impressively shown how this can succeed when there is rapid growth. The 3k team structured our process, guided it systematically and successfully set us up again.

Norbert Hentschel, CFO/CEO, Miltenyi Biotech GmbH

How can we implement the company strategy in a targeted way? How can we as a management team support our doctors on site? 3k intelligently answers these questions. Thanks to their expertise in our area and the important stimuli they provided on the topic of management, we were able to make improvements faster and grow methodically.

Christina Auerswald, Company medical services, Deutsche Post AG

With an ever-increasing employee count and more and more complex company processes, a strong management team is what’s needed. You in the management need to learn to let go and the level below you must want and be able to take on the responsibility. We have been working together with 3k for years now expanding our staff’s expertise and it has been a good decision.

Lars Grosenick, Management/CEO, FlowFact AG

To achieve our strategic growth targets we restructured our company and strengthened it by setting up business units. Throughout this change process, 3k has advised us systematically and competently. Thanks to these successful dialogue and communication formats, we were able to persuade our employees that this was the right change process and further strengthen the identity formation as the First Sensor Group.

Dr. Martin U. Schefter, Management First Sensor AG

Company development is a matter of trust – 3k is our partner when it comes to establishing company-wide standards with our managers’ programme. 3k persuaded us with its balance of conceptual strength, professional, methodical skills and coaching competence for developing the participants’ personalities. Measurable effects of a changed behaviour can be seen from our employee attitude survey.

Dr. Claus-O. Zacharias, Member of the management, Leifheit AG

The Cologne Institute for Economic Research lives by the science for problem-solving. We bring together research, knowledge transfer, education and communication. Our claim for continuous change management is to drive innovation based on this identity. Again and again, 3k supports us with a high degree of intuition and know-how when it comes to the structural and behavioural professionalization of the organisation.

Prof. Michael Hüther, Cologne Institute for Economic Research

Together with 3k we further developed our company-wide management model. During the development phase, the professional task management of 3k first generated bottom-up stimuli interactively and with cross-hierarchical integration and packed it into a high-quality product with which our employees can identify. Thanks to the formats which 3k has developed to anchor and safeguard sustainability, our words are now being our deed!

Michael Baulig, uniVersa Krankenversicherung a.G., member of the management