Franca Born

Managing Director

Franca Born is managing director at 3k. She works with top management in medium-sized companies and corporations to initiate change processes from here. Her focus is on enriching corporate strategy with an appropriate behavioral strategy and on designing and implementing holistic change processes. She passionately develops the appropriate transformation story with her clients, accompanies executives in aligning their teams and improves their collaboration and performance.

She has many years of experience as an executive and consultant in senior positions. Previously, she worked in international corporations and medium-sized companies to build new divisions, bring teams together and lead change processes.

Franca studied business administration and has additional training in systemic organizational development, consulting and coaching (DBVC). In addition, she has a training license for the Myers-Briggs-Type Inidicator (MBTI), Insights MDI, Golden Profiler of Personality (GPOP) and Bochumer Inventar zur berufsbezogenen Persönlichkeitsbeschreibung (BIP).

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What the Team thinks about Franca:

energetic / effective / Professional with a lot of heart