Phase 1 of mergers is critical for overall success

The style with which you start a merger process significantly shapes trust. A successful integration of people @ business takes 3 years and goes through crisis phases together.

Here are a few to-do's for phase one that we recommend to our clients:

❗️Honesty wins out Employees in companies today want less "glossy promises". There are "fusion determiners" and "contributors" who are integrated. We know from our projects that any artificial formula like "Equal Partners etc." is viewed critically. Recommendation: rather start really authentic interactive dialogues as "determiners", where needs are heard and answered.

❗️Profit comes as second priority You really have to care about how people arrive in the new organisation first in phase one. Teams from old & new have to work out the organisation anew together. Unfortunately, this costs profit.

❗️Dialogue with 100% of the organisation Actual dialogue: Townhalls, interactive formats. Phase one needs at least 3 personal touches. Costly, but guaranteed to be successfully invested. E.g. you can still achieve more personal involvement with 300-500 participants....