How do we manage the second wave now? The answer is virtual & emphatic.

We are experiencing an "emotional lockdown" right now because we understand that winter is going to be hard and trying to live a daily life is in jeopardy.

In spring, everything felt like "the first time". In addition to numerous restrictions, there was also the "breathing through" effect - a brief exit from the hamster wheel.

Now we in management have an emotional "Herculean task" ahead of us.

Winter is coming, employees are more afraid of physical encounters - who may, can and will want to stay at home.

That's why, as a manager, you are now creating clarity with your team: How does joint management work virtually? How do you measure your success in virtual collaboration?

The rule is:

  • Camera always on (the only way to see & show emotions).
  • At least 7 ( virtual) face-to-face contacts with "direct reports" per month
  • There are robust virtual management software solutions (MS Teams, Zoom...) and systems that disrupt virtual leadership

Take care of it now: - 3 hours of virtual coaching and your virtual strategy is in place.