Your time is precious

“Managing others starts by managing yourself” – a clever saying which often seems impossible to put into practice. We’ve all experienced the never-ending flood of emails, the unrelenting time and performance pressures and the myriad projects which make good time management unrealistic.

Here it’s often not just the external challenges that place demands on us, but rather our own quality standards. Biographical influences, belief systems and personal motivators prove to be traps for our behaviour and keep on driving us on in the hamster wheel. The dissatisfaction grows despite ever-increasing exertion.

Our offer for your personality development:

As experienced coaches with knowledge of what influences and shapes people, we will help you to recognise yourself, your personality, your talents and your abilities. But obstacles and destructive situations are also broached and solutions worked out.

We will help you to work out your own resource management strategy that’s both achievable and suited to you; a strategy you won’t find in any of those clever How-To books. For us it’s about pragmatic, realisable solutions that take your requirements and circumstances into account.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. Evelyn Stehling is your contact person to make an appointment with one of our Coaches to discuss your objectives:

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