Taking the lead
with the right behaviour

You weren’t born a manager and you didn’t major in “leadership” either. Purposefully communicating, giving constructive feedback, overcoming conflicts, organising changes – up to 40 percent of leadership is craft. But very few leaders systematically learned these “tools of the trade”. A leadership behaviour often develops which makes you the “service provider” for the team instead of positioning you as a “customer”. In this way the gulf between operational support and management demands grows ever-bigger. With the 3k coaches you will professionalise your leadership behaviour quickly and effectively. We will broaden the understanding of your role, develop a leadership style to suit your personality and also reveal to you how to get your employees on board for this model. With the right leadership understanding and behaviour you can establish firm leadership standards, create a consistent leadership philosophy, implement visions and bring the organisation forward. Keyword: “employee development”: clarifying responsibilities, motivating your team and the employees as well as combining clear standards and valued integration – you should coach, develop and persuasively introduce these skills.

Our offer for your leadership

In short information units we will improve your leadership tools with you and help you with their practical implementation in the everyday working environment. Apart from that you will learn to remove internal obstacles, to optimise your interaction management and to understand your exercise of power as a positive resource. Leading without considering the individual strengths and configurations in your team doesn’t make any sense. We will consider your specific situation with you and demonstrate team development which we will also gladly accompany in the form of a team building exercise.

Our leadership products for specific situations:

The first 100 days as boss

Expectations fulfilled and success achieved?

It’s a crucial time: the first 100 days in the new job! In everything that you do, you have to perform quickly and in a decidedly positive way while trying to balance company targets, customers’ demands, the needs of the employees and your own goals. For effective performance and conduct as an executive, there are eight crucial skills with specific behavioural patterns:

  1. Working together with your superior
  2. Setting up and reinforcing the team
  3. Establishing leadership and work structures
  4. Creating customer acceptance
  5. Building up networks
  6. Strategically aligning the area
  7. Adapting key themes and generating quick wins
  8. Structuring changes

Whoever moves within this network of excellence, practises the appropriate behaviour and takes action will have achieved a lot after 100 days.

Our offer for 100 days of management coaching:

The 3k coaches strengthen your leadership behaviour through the development of key skills. In this way, in the first 100 days we intensively support you in acquiring the tools of the leadership trade and actively shape your success as the “new boss”. If it suits we will gladly expand our advice and set up a suitable team building exercise or plan the perfectly fitting change.

Generation-spanning or gender-specific or intercultural – my leadership style includes everyone

Leadership today is individual and customised

Team configurations are becoming more varied these days: differences in gender, age and nationality make your team more colourful. And that’s good, because diverse teams are more innovative and can pool their diversity as a strength. Except: the shotgun approach to leadership fails at this point. Where do men and women differ in their expectations regarding communication for example? With which performance and motivation philosophy can I do justice to a generation-spanning team? How do you overcome intercultural hurdles as a team?

Our offer for developing your leadership variance:

3k will help you to understand the needs of your diverse employees, to establish motivational leadership alliances, to offer modern forms of work and to turn your motley crew into a team with a competitive advantage.

Foreign managers in German companies

Performing reliably and hitting the ground running

Cultural differences can lead to misunderstandings and disagreements in your working life. However, they can also be viewed as an asset. Any acting foreign manager of a German company is tasked with getting to know the cultural traits of the Germans, particularly in the “executive suite”, on the teams and among the stakeholders and customers. So it’s necessary to really appraise the behaviour of the Germans, to know the rules and conventions of business, and to know which conduct we Germans view as being competent. We support managers of different nationalities with this bundle of tasks so that they can successfully position themselves, market themselves and effectively take up a leading role as soon as possible.

Our offer for foreign managers

The 3k coaches offer professional assistance in the difficult initial phase or can help you, for example, if your work needs to be optimised after a certain amount of time. In these situations it is often important to communicate your personal “instruction manual” and to consciously devote yourself to other needs. We will happily moderate this process for you in the form of a suitable team building exercise.

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