Market confidently,
position successfully

Think about how much marketing is carried out for a simple coffee machine and how elaborate product descriptions and target group analyses are. You also need the same for your own professional success!

Ability alone is not enough: alongside specialised know-how and motivation, conscious marketing of your own person is a central factor for your career. However, cultivating your own image and self-marketing present many executives with a challenge.
We will reflect on your core skills with you, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of your manner and your verbal and non-verbal communication.

Our offer for your image:

In a condensed 3k coaching session we develop a meaningful profile of your abilities and potential, we work on your impact and define a strategy with “personal sales messages” for various target groups.

Our specific career coaching products:

Professional realignment

Make successes visible for the next step with strategies and concepts

Professional realignment isn’t going very smoothly. Your company is changing, growing, or is being reorganised. You want to test your market value or you simply want to confidently manage your career internally. There are many reasons for choosing customised career coaching.
We run approved training modules and have a lot of experience with the structures and processes of human resources development and mediation. By professionalising your application process you will significantly improve your chances of success – both internally and in the external job market.

Together with us you can systematise your application process! First: position-fixing. Second: application strategy. Third: application phase. Fourth: reflection. We will optimise this process with you, step-by-step. In doing so we will also strengthen your self-motivation and balance out any emotional ups and downs, regardless of whether you are rejected or offered a job.

Our offer for your career

In the 3k career coaching program we will accompany you throughout the entire application process including the identification of your personal talents and furthering of your soft skills, preparation of your application forms, preparation for the selection process and communication training.

Our 3k career programs are arranged in a modular way so that you can book the appropriate modules depending on your needs: after a 3k CoachingCompact session of 15 hours you will have a clear idea of your self-positioning and the necessary steps towards realignment. Your documents will also be reappraised and your cover letter will impress with its appealing key messages.
You decide whether – and how far – we accompany you on the actual job search and the various application and recruitment phases.


From victim to participant

Do you, as a manager, have to let particular employees or parts of your workforce go? This doesn’t just put you in an unpleasant situation which demands your full professionalism; you are also a victim with your own emotions and needs. We will advise you in direct conversation techniques, communication within the team and in the preparation of the necessary measures to create a smooth process both for the affected parties and for those remaining.

A 3k outplacement package offers affected parties the chance to get over the apparent unfairness and the loss of their job more quickly. With us, affected employees are primed for a successful, self-initiated job search in the external job market. Here we concentrate on the following decisive skills: motivation, self-positioning, application know-how, self-promotion. In this way the cessation of a work contract is no longer a catastrophe, but rather a chance for a new beginning.

In concrete terms this means: through targeted coaching measures we increase motivation, we get participants up to date in the application market, we help them to reflect on their own profile and practise with them in practical training units. In the course of this we employ licensed process indicators and conduct personal appraisal sessions.

Our offer for your outplacement process: a three-part process which considers the prospects of every participant

1. Outplacement coaching for you as an acting manager

We will directly advise you in communication and become your sparring partner in the situation. By doing so we can keep an eye on you as a person, on the affected parties and on the remaining employees and will introduce you to valuable courses of action with which you can identify.

2. Outplacement measures

With specific employees our focus is on individual career planning, personal preparation of application forms and successful new positioning.

What’s more, we offer career advice for groups which incorporates insight and cost efficiency for specific employees in phases of downsizing. We would be happy to advise you on how the scheme fits in with your overall concept of restructuring.

3. Commitment and team building for the remaining employees

Often the remaining employees suffer from a perceived uncertainty: “What if I’m next…?” That limits productivity and dampens the atmosphere. But it is exactly in periods of upheaval that one needs creative ideas and a “can do” attitude. We will gladly reveal to you ways and formats of increasing motivation and creating a desire for realignment.

Assessment centre preparation

Unlock potential and make use of chances

3k for preparation: an invitation to the assessment centre should not be taken lightly. Our advice: on no account should you participate unprepared – nobody will succeed here with insincere behaviour…

You’ll get further with our assessment centre preparation: we will analyse your strengths and weaknesses and practise role plays, interview situations, presentations, conversation techniques, speech and lecturing techniques, etc. In the process you will become acquainted with testing methods and gain assurances so that later on in the artificial situation of the assessment centre you will be able to be authentic and show your potential.

3k as a provider: do you have to provide specific staff recommendations or account for the long-term development of potential? For our customers we will gladly perform audits of targeted potential analysis in your own ranks. With 3k you can identify tomorrow’s key performers today.

Our offer for your assessment centre:

Whether you are going to visit an assessment centre or would like to arrange a session yourself, we will help you with professional preparation or implementation and guarantee valuable insights.

Young Professionals

Broaden career opportunities and increase chances of success

To those who have already started well but still have lots planned!
You want to plan your career sensibly or are still looking for the right job pictures for your profile? Or you want to specifically prepare for job interviews? Or you’re new in a team and want to give a good account of yourself?
There are many reasons for young professionals to allow themselves the support of career coaching of 3k in this phase. We can give a good assessment of howemployment  markets are developing and we know about personnel requirements.

Fostering individual advancement: we will improve your awareness of your own needs and talents, analyse your growth potential, and in this way broaden your scope of action.
Shape your personal profile: we will formulate your professional core message, develop a clear positioning with you and cultivate your confident demeanour.

Make a professional impression: we will support you in professionally processing your application forms and ensure successful initial contact.

Our offer for young professionals:

Confidential coaching talks in the 3k offices where we teach you important skills for your further career path. As well as this, we will give you honest feedback on your impact and improve your self-awareness.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. Evelyn Stehling is your contact person to make an appointment with one of our Coaches to discuss your objectives:

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