3k Changeover Coaching

Ready for more – make your job your calling!

You have achieved your professional goals and have reached the middle of life? Now you ask yourself: Carry on along the career path or seek new opportunities?

Time for the 2nd career – have a fresh start!

You have successfully completed your first career or are so financially secure that you would like to take your future professional life into a different direction?

Coping with defeat – just start again!

Your career is halting or a success-critical business project did not work our? You would like to develop alternatives to your current career path or accomplish something new?


Finding new directions and developing future visions in the 3k Changeover Coaching

When phases, sections or career levels in your professional life come to an end, you are faced with the challenge of reorienting yourself and developing a new professional self-perception. Here it will be important to reflect on one’s own core competencies, abilities and inclinations and to define a fulfilling and holistic future vision of one’s professional self-realisation.

3k would be delighted to accompany and support you along this path: In a 5 hour compact coaching we work together with you to establish where your interests lie and from where you take the energy for a fresh start.

1st meeting – deciding the location

  • Getting to know the life phase model & personal location (talents, tasks, topics up to now)
  • Identification of development tasks (creating space for important future requirements & motives)

2nd meeting – developing prospects

  • Shaping your new, individual future vision – holistic and detached from professional positions
  • Development of an implementation schedule for the realisation of the prospects

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. Evelyn Stehling is your contact person to make an appointment with one of our Coaches to discuss your objectives: stehling@3k.de

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