“Coaching isn’t a luxury …”

Clarifying and formulating your own needs is not a personal luxury and has nothing to do with psychoanalysis. It’s not egoistical to look at yourself and your own role first.
It’s both sensible and necessary in order to work professionally, to lead and to support employees; in short: to successfully head a team, a department or a businesscoaching is the way forward.

Executives are often confronted with difficult tasks, new challenges, conflicts or profound changes. They will only be able to manage this if they can master the tools of the management trade, continually hone their skills, harness their full potential and effectively broaden their scope of action.
For this they need an open and honest sparring partner and competent coach – that’s where the 3k employees are happy to help.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. Evelyn Stehling is your contact person to make an appointment with one of our Coaches to discuss your objectives: stehling@3k.de

Our 3k coach profiles can be found here.

We can offer you various coaching products to suit your needs  and your management situations.

Our 3k CoachingCompact session is a 15-hour course. You rate its success: from the target agreement to the final discussion – what changed and to what do you attribute the improvement?