Achieving healthy growth with
a good behavioural strategy

New business areas, locations and employees – Growth and mergers harbour risks: changed work processes and functions and new teams and employees can give rise to conflict and strain the working atmosphere. However, you can counteract this. 3k has the appropriate behaviour strategy for your business strategy.

A new development stage at a company demands deeper managerial understanding and changed employee developments. This is why we help the managers communicate the vision of the business strategy, use motivation to involve their employees in the implementation of this strategy and have everyone focusing on the shared goal.
Besides, it’s mostly new skills which are in demand when it comes to succeeding with growth processes, both with newly hired and long-serving employees. For this reason, we also offer you skills development programs.

Our offer for your company growth:

We accompany your company changes and with you guide the future company growth through the management of your employees. Here we employ behavioural strategies, coaching, team building sessions as well as tailored practice workshops to develop skills.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. Evelyn Stehling is your contact person to make an appointment with one of our Coaches to discuss your objectives:

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