Rediscovering success through
participation and motivation

Corporate crises can have a number of different reasons and appear in all company stories, the successful ones too. In economically stressful situations, restructuring is often the only way back to corporate success.
Changing processes, reducing costs, making redundancies, developing new products…. whatever it is you have to do, we’ll help you convert the initial threat into a positive impulse.

Changes in the working environment bring about a feeling of insecurity in those affected. This is where we come into play: we absorb the emotions, answer any questions and involve the people by making concrete offers. After all, you can only be successful if your people actually participate in the process of change. During this restructuring phase, we will work intensely together with the management staff in particular, who are urgently needed for this economic turnaround to happen.

Our offer for your restructuring process:

3k stabilises your management teams’ negotiation skills and helps win them over in favour of moving  a new direction. This is done during coaching and team building sessions, the target of which is primarily to engage high potential and maintain motivation levels.
Alongside the mobilisation strategy, we can, if required, use our communication formats to provide target-oriented control over your internal flow of information and create new team processes. Dovetailing this with outplacement and management workshops often makes sense in this situation.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. Evelyn Stehling is your contact person to make an appointment with one of our Coaches to discuss your objectives:

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