“Shaping change successfully …”

Cultural shift, structural reorganisation, corporate reorientation – none of these are possible today without the will or courage to change…
People make change possible – at all times and everywhere! To shape change successfully, the first thing needed is good leadership as well as well-trained teams and motivated employees. Here is where 3k comes in as a reliable partner for professional change management.

Companies always go through different phases of direction and again and again it is necessary for you as a manager to persuade your employees to support these restructuring measures. A phase of growth characterised by new employees, new processes and new products is often followed by a phase of consolidation which, in turn, creates space for further growth through innovation, but sometimes also necessitates restructuring.

The 3k change cycle gives your change process a framework in which the shift can be communicated in both a targeted-oriented and effective way:

We start with an appraisal in the form of dialogue events, “Sweeping your own doorstep” in compass workshops, we strengthen cooperation in team building sessions, we improve cross-departmental processes in interface workshops and finally market the customer’s core messages geared to their target group in an “information fair” format.

Together with you, we develop a suitable roadmap which lays the different building blocks at the right time while taking into account both the content-relevant specifications and the typical responses. This is how you make sure all participants understand and accept the changes and always know where your team currently is in the process.

You as the manager will be assisted by us in particular because you, as the head of change, need to control the process with a positive attitude and great certainty. We tackle your personal concerns and insecurities in a protected area and work out joint options for their strengthening and resolution.

Contact us for a no-obligation initial consultation. Evelyn Stehling is your contact person to make an appointment with one of our Coaches to discuss your objectives: stehling@3k.de

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We offer you different change products which correspond to your questions and leadership situation.